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Polish Presidency in EUPAN


From the 1st July to the end of December 2012, Poland will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and as a consequence, the leadership of the European Union Public Administration Network. This is a real pleasure for all of us to undertake this challenge.


Having in mind, that the 18 – months Medium Term Priorities (MTP) developed for the period of 1 July 2010 - 30 June 2011 has already come to the end, Poland together with Trio countries – Denmark and Cyprus – in close cooperation with Hungarian Presidency has developed the new Medium Term Priorities (MTP) and Working Program.


During the nearest 18 months, under the theme of: ‘An Open, Adaptable and Performing Public Administration’ three following subthemes will be unfolded:  In the wake of the crisis, Top executives and Governing a performing organisation.


During the Polish Presidency we plan a number of initiatives that ensure the continuation of work under previous Presidencies from one hand and contribute to the improvement of work within EUPAN on the other hand.


In cooperation with EIPA institute, we have already started work on the study on effectiveness of good governance and ethics. The results aiming at showing the impact and the effects of concrete reforms on ethical behaviour will be, as I believe, interesting and valuable for all EUPAN members.


We have taken the challenge and decided to host the 6th Quality Conference. During the two-day 6th Quality Conference we will provide our audience with insight into the different aspects of effectiveness and efficiency of public administration. The four main areas will cover:

-          From micro-management to meta-management

-          Citizen / Customer Effectiveness

-          Towards result-oriented leadership in public sector organisations

-          Installing a culture of result thinking in public sector organisations 

The 6 QC - an essential element of the Polish Presidency in EUPAN - has been scheduled for the end of September in Warsaw.


Finally we also plan to provide fully operational new EUPAN webpage - a new way of communication among EUPAN members as well as between the Network and the public.


Finally, we all believe that the nearest six months under the Polish Presidency will be both interesting and satisfying for all members of EUPAN and the effects of common work will be useful for public administration in Europe.

You will be warmly welcomed to Poland!

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