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6th European Quality Conference - summary & documentation

29 September 2011 - 30 September 2011

On 29-30 September 2011 in Warsaw, the 6th European Quality Conference was held within the quality conference cycle of European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) conducted as of 2000. The central theme of the conference – dedicated to the issues of quality and effectiveness in public sector management was Doing the right things right - Towards a more result-oriented public sector in Europe.


Opening the conference, Mr. Slawomir Brodzinski, the Head of Civil Service stated that the activities of European Union Public Administration Network (EUPAN) have a significant and positive impact on the functioning of public sector in Europe.

Striving for improvement of the quality of public administration services resulted in the establishment of Innovative Public Service Group over ten years ago. Its purpose was to promote benchmarking of national public administrations as well as to popularize and implement good practices. A vital accomplishment of the group is the establishment of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) which enables, among others, objectivized evaluation of the quality of public institutions’ operations. The group also initiated regular organization of quality conferences from which the first one was held in 2000 in Lisbon.

Main themes of the 6th Quality Conference in Warsaw included: the move away from traditional “micro-management” of specific organizations to “meta-management” that goes beyond structural limitations, customer-oriented organization of public sector, leadership in public sector oriented towards operations’ results, as well as implementation in public institutions of the way of thinking and culture of work oriented towards results (customers’ - citizens’ satisfaction).

Two-day plenary sessions and meetings of working groups were attended by almost 300 persons, representing senior management level in the public sector from European Union member states, candidate countries (Croatia), states collaborating with EUPAN network (Norway, Switzerland) and countries from Eastern Partnership (Georgia, Ukraine) as well as non-European countries (USA). The conference, conducted fully in English, was broadcasted online on the
website which gathered over 300 participants from almost 30 countries.

The full program of the 6th QC is available here

The handouts of the presentations are available here

The video recordings of broadcasted sessions are available via following links:
- welcome & opening
- plenary sessions 1,2,3
- plenary sessions 4,5 & panel discussion
- parallel sessions
- closing words

The list of participants is available here

Warsaw, Poland

- Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Contact Persons
- Izabela Najda-Jedrzejewska
tel. +4822 694 63 01

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