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EIPA Seminar - Public Procurement for Innovation and Pre - Commercial Procurement in Cities

14 December 2017 - 15 December 2017

In the last years the importance of Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) increased throughout Europe, leading to its today’s status of one of the top priorities of the European Commission and the Member States. Far from being just a new procedure for buying public goods or services, PPI represents a new way of spending public money to promote innovation from the demand side.


In Barcelona, on 14th & 15th December we will be having a big networking opening and many interesting debates with top experts like one of the leading members of the European Commission’s DG Connect, the Director of Public Procurement at the City Council of Barcelona and the Professor of Administrative Law of the University of Zaragoza. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Upon completion of the seminar Public Procurement for Innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement in Cities, you will have acquired knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the concepts of Public Procurement for Innovation, Pre-Commercial Procurement and values-oriented innovation policy, its benefits and the strategies to implement this successfully. Throughout the event, you will receive practical advice, explore the best practices learned from a variety of regions and cities, exchange experiences and establish contacts for future partnerships and strategies.

This is just a small selections of questions which will be answered in the training:

  • What are the funding opportunities and benefits of Public Procurement for Innovation?

  • How do you make public sector institutions buy innovation?

  • How does public procurement for innovation create inclusive growth?


This seminar is tailor-made for city managers and civil servants at city level, consultants, enterprises and legal advisers on Public Procurement who wish to learn about the specificities of Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) and Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP).

Please check this information out if you are interested:



Full Program:

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Barcelona Activa, Room Empren, c/ Llacuna 162

- E.I.P.A.

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