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Five Years of CAF 2006: From Adolescence to Maturity – What Next?

A study on the use, the support and the future of the Common Assessment Framework

The purpose of the study is three-fold: (a) to collect information on the use of CAF and the dissemination and support in the Member States; (b) to analyse whether there is a need to improve the CAF model itself;  and (c) to look for new opportunities to further spread its use.

Two questionnaires were developed: one for CAF national correspondents and one for the CAF users. Both questionnaires integrated the three research questions. The questionnaire for the CAF NC collects answers on these questions as follows. Firstly, The CAF NC report on the dissemination of and the interest for the CAF in their country. Secondly, they provide us with information on the support of the CAF. Last but not least, they give us their views on the future of the CAF and how the CAF model could be improved. The second questionnaire gathers information on the experiences and views of the CAF users. Firstly, we get an insight into their experiences of implementing the CAF. Secondly, we learn about their successes and failures. Thirdly, the CAF users give us an idea of what the CAF 2012 could look like.

This research report consists of two substantial parts. The first part presents the results of the CAF NC survey, the second part those of the CAF users’ survey. The report ends with an overview of the main conclusions and the main points for attention from both surveys. 

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