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Sustainability of Human Resources in Central Public Administration in the EU Member States

by Salvador Parrado published on 29 October 2010
This report was commissioned by the Spanish DG of the Civil Service during the
Spanish Presidency of the European Union in the first semester of 2010. The
assignment was to produce a report for “sharing information about the levels of
efficiency and sustainability in the human resources management within the
administrations of the Member States” with the focus on central level government. 

The concept of sustainability used in this text refers to the adaptability and survival of
human resources in public sector organizations. The long and short-term perspectives
have been combined in order to link the preparedness of human resources systems with
the short term reactions to the global economic downturn and its impact on public sector

The study is based on official documents and on quantitative and qualitative
information provided by a web based survey sent to all EU Member States. Except for
Slovakia and Germany, 25 EU countries filled the survey between the 8th of March and
the 9th of April of 2010. The survey has covered different practices on recruitment,
collective dismissals, retirement, mobility, salary, and competency policies. It also
addresses the contribution of the HR remit and function to the sustainability of human

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