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Towards sustainable Public Administration

by Salvador Parrado and Elke Löffler published on 01 June 2010

Why this study?

Governance International ( was commissioned by the Spanish National Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Quality of Services (AEVAL) as responsible for the Spanish Presidency to carry out a scientific
study on sustainability frameworks in the public sector. This was a response to the request of the EUPAN Directors General for 'a study on different frameworks concerning measurement of a sustainable Public Administration.
Subsequently, the results will be presented to enable further IPSG activities on the most suitable framework to be developed.' The preliminary findings of the research were presented at the IPSG Meeting on 19th April in Madrid and at the Troika Meeting on 20th May.
The report starts by defining 'sustainability' and establishing its relationship to similar concepts. It continues by outlining the different approaches taken to measure sustainability from the perspective of business models, excellence models, international sustainability guidelines and sustainability reporting.
Finally, it offers an outline of a Sustainability Performance Framework2 for Public Administration to be considered for future development by the IPSG network.

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